What Do We Offer?

ABI offers college level courses which may be audited or taken for credit. Courses are normally offered one Saturday a month (9:30-4:00) with four weeks between for assignment completion.


Students who complete 30 units for credit will receive a 'Certificate in Biblical Studies' from ABI and TBS, equivalent to a one year Bible school program. These credits may be transferred to other theological institutions on a credit by credit basis.

The instructors are pastors from local churches who have theological training at the Master's level. There will be some courses taught by professors from TBS.

Aletheia Bible Institute seeks to provide a well balanced first year college level program over a three year time period. The program covers three general areas of study: Biblical, Theological, and Practical Studies.

General Subject Area Course Area Units
Biblical Studies Biblical Interpretation 3
God's Redemptive Plan: Introduction to Biblical Theology 3
OT Book Studies 3
NT Book Studies 3
Total 12
Theological Studies Bibliology - The Doctrine of the Bible 1
Theology Proper - The Doctrine of God 1
Christology - The Person and Work of Christ 1
Pneumatology - The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit 1
Soteriology - The Doctrine of Salvation 3
Ecclesiology - The Doctrine of The Church 1
Eschatology - The Doctrine of Last Things 1
Church History 3
Total 12
Practical Studies Church Leadership 1
Biblical Gender Roles 1
Evangelism/Apologetics 1
Personal Christian Walk 1
Missions 1
Biblical Counselling 1
Total 6
Certificate Total 30